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 Imperator Arya Astra

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Arya Astra
Arya Astra

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PostSubject: Imperator Arya Astra   Thu Dec 17, 2009 3:41 pm

House Astra was a family of nobles centered around the Aurlinfinn cluster. As the years went by, their numbers steadily declined, and they became more and more detached from the affairs of state. Astor Astra, Arya’s uncle, was a politician and lobbyist to the Grand Council, and one of the last members of the family still concerned with the affairs of government. Raising her after the death of his brother, Astor tried to instill his values in to Arya, but was often frustrated by her aimlessness. Arya spent her early years frivolously enjoying the decadent entertainments available to the upper class. However, she still made sure to manage her inheritance so that she could maintain the wealth required for her excessive lifestyle. After her uncle, and only remaining immediate family member, was killed in the destruction of the Aurlinfinn embassy on Cinnhilif, Arya had a revelation. While she squandered her life away, society was crumbling around her.

At this point, she decided that working to salvage the Central Government would be wasted effort. She decided to invest her considerable fortune in to founding a new state, one based in the outer regions. Assembling her uncle’s advisors, her family’s closest supporters, and an entourage of hired guns, she struck out to the fringe systems. Declaring herself Imperator, she has taken on the burden of building a new state, Res Publica, to resist the chaos that threatens to overwhelm Nyridion.

“Rise and fall of a nation rests with every one of its citizens.” - Ancient Chinese Proverb
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Imperator Arya Astra
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