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 General Declerations

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Arya Astra
Arya Astra

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PostSubject: General Declerations   Thu Dec 17, 2009 4:07 pm

Colonization in Res Publica systems by non-RP members is strictly forbidden. A warning to remove the colony will be issued, and if not resolved in a timely manner, the colony will be removed by force.

Pilots are welcome to come to Res Publica stations for refueling, ship maintenance, trade, or any other reason that does not threaten the security of the station.

Attacks against Res Publica ships or colonies will be considered an attack on our entire Empire, and will be responded to accordingly.

Res Publica respects the sovereignty of other factions ships and territories, and will not attack without a formal decleration of war. If you find your self under attack by a RP pilot without such decleration, please let me know, and the pilot in question will be dealt with.

“Rise and fall of a nation rests with every one of its citizens.” - Ancient Chinese Proverb
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General Declerations
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