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 Finarfin Strife

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Finarfin Strife

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PostSubject: Finarfin Strife   Sat Jan 09, 2010 9:42 am

Finarfin Potter was born on the poverty stricken planet of Hallias II which was full of political and societal turmoil. During the planet wide food riots when he was 10 galactic standard years old, the Government sent nuclear warheads and destroyed several major colonies that were considered "instigators of terrorist activity." His parents and little sister, living in the capital city of Lamas, were among the millions killed in the Government intervention. Finarfin being away on a school field trip was spared but had to survive on a now even more devastated and radioactive world.

With his charisma and intelligence at the age of 14, Finarfin was able to attract the following of many people in his resistance against the Government. In his ruthlessness in fighting his oppressors, his most loyal followers took to calling him Finarfin "Strife." After a year of vicious combat against Government shock troops, the public outcry in the Government's handling of the Hallias II situation was politically damaging enough for the Government that they pulled their troops off the planet and left the colonies to rot.

A 15 year old Finarfin, wanting to get off his war-stricken homeworld, ironically stowed away on a Government ship and hitched a ride to Hallias IV Space Station. A captain of a private frieghter discovered him raiding a food storage container in the lower decks of the station and after hearing Finarfin's gripping story, the teary eyed Captain offered him a position on his ship as a janitor. Finarfin, eager to get as far away from Hallias as possible, gladly accepted his new direction in life.

Over the next 2 years, Finarfin became much loved by the ship's crew and the Captain loved him like the son he never had. Realizing Finarfin's extreme intelligence, the Captain hired a private tutor for Finarfin to be educated in all fields of academics and space navigation. Finarfin insatiable lust for knowledge allowed him to quickly surpass his own tutor and he began studying independently. At the age of 17, the Captain assigned him the position of Navigation Officer aboard the ship. He also learned to fly one of the freighter's escort ships as well and proved to be beyond remarkably talented.

The Captain, knowing that Finarfin was destined for greater things and having taught him everything he knew, with mixed emotions bought Finarfin his own cargo shuttle for his 18th birthday and allowed him to become a Captain of his own. Finarfin's scarred past still haunts him, but the virtues and teachings the Captain instilled in him has shaped him to the man he is today.
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Finarfin Strife
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