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 Talon Milam

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Talon Milam

Talon Milam

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Interview Interest: Talon Milam// Journalist: Radcliffe associates

Being left for dead is a tragedy. Being left for dead and then surviving is a tragic stroke of luck. Talon Milam was born into a forced life of crime on the cold streets of a small city in the Bacatinos system. He spent his developing childhood stealing and scavenging for survival and making his way by any means necessary. We asked about his status as a criminal but he would go no further on the topic and remained evasive. Instead, he began to fill us in on the events that came to pass. One particularly fateful day Talon was coerced up the ladder of his crime syndicate and immediately placed into a top-risk job in which he was to transport a peculiarly insubstantial amount of unknown cargo to an undisclosed location. Upon boarding the cargo shuttle Talon was shot from behind by his accomplices and left for dead. The shuttle was set on autopilot with a collision course for the incinerating depths of Bacatinos. As his recurring stint of luck would have it, his rogue shuttle was picked up by an unidentifiable cruiser where he was treated for his injuries and locked into a cryo-sleep cargo hold where he remained in a state of dormant hibernation for fifty one years. When he awoke he was drifting through Nyridion government space in the same cargo shuttle he had originally departed in all those years ago. He conveys his confusion upon coming to, saying he was dressed from head to toe in a strange black material. Some sort of “hyper-flex combat suit” which was very durable and yet his movement was not hindered. He had a data log recorded into the shuttles navigation computer that detailed everything from the moment he was “acquired” to the point he was “relinquished”. Apparently, his comrades had worked him over really good shooting him in both of his elbows and both of his knees rendering him entirely useless.
His “collectors” had mended his injuries, repairing all the damage that had been wrought and even reinforced his joints with an advanced biomedical technology, giving him deadly accuracy and the steadiest hands in the galaxy. The cargo package that was on board his shuttle had been inspected and found empty, adding to the underlying layers of deceit which led to his assumed demise. No doubt he was set up to be brushed aside and forgotten, however, through an incredible stroke of luck he did not perish and has only lost fifty one years in the process. When asked his age he simply replied “twenty n a toss of fifty”. Assuming this was to mean he is seventy years old we were utterly shocked, as he doesn’t look a day over twenty. He is now firmly self employed, steering vehemently clear of any crime related activities. The random jobs he picks up now are strictly in the sport of “keeping his nose to the grind” and he can be spotted zipping through Nyridion space following through on contracts collected. Marking the point, a mischievous toothy grin broke his stern demeanor when we mentioned the business of bounty hunting. Clearly he loves the work. While affectionately patting the hull of his high-end-super-mod Interceptor, he conveyed his love for the “grind”. “I do it for the creds, sure” he states with a shrug “but that only goes so far for me…”. “Only with a constant reminder of our impending deaths, can we truly appreciate life…”. With that Talon Milam cut the interview short and sauntered onto his Interceptor, the aptly named “Mandible”, leaving a trail of run off as he made his way to the system boundary on yet another contract. His unknown saviors remain a blurred vision of his past. Speculations have painted a picture of alien intelligence that you, the readers, may fill in. *
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Talon Milam
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