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 Hcout Grinding guide

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PostSubject: Hcout Grinding guide   Fri Oct 22, 2010 8:39 pm

Be aware, this method gets you XP fast. There are some things you will miss out on and/or have to ignore.

(colonies, a faction split/civil war, assisting your faction mates during battles, just to name a few)

hi all fellow pilots,

not sure if I set a record or not, but i have to assume the following achievement is not something you see every day, and not something you see often from a new player.

New Rank Achieved!
Congratulations Pilot, through your perseverance and dedication you've achieved the rank of :

Heavy Class D 5

I started to play OE on May 7th, 2010, i played 8 weeks so far (this is the beginning of the 9th week), I was able to grind all the way to the Katana class, a few players were asking me about grinding guide, so I will share the short and condensed version of it. (if you want the full version, I guess you will have to join IRON )

the shortest version of grinding tip:

there is no grinding tip, it's all hard work, now please go back to grind some more.

the condensed version of grinding tip:

these tips are actually from Stellar's comment, which I agree very much.

1. subscription, in order to grind fast and effectively, you will need a valid subscription, which give you double credits and XP compare to a non-subscriber.

2. good ship, depends on what you want to do, there are a few styles you can play this game, the only thing I know is transport jobs, so I will talk about it only.

2a. you start with a basic shuttle, try to switch to a clipper as soon as you can (with enough rank: LCA3 and credits, of course),

2b. when you reached LCC1, try to get a Javesco Ind. Improved Freighter if you can afford, it will make your grinding to a whole new level (the fuel cap is 1300, not 200 anymore, at this time, you can go to XP highway, and make real progress)

2c. when you reached MCA3, it's time to shop for a decent Bulk Hauler, (my personal opinion about the first 2 ships is that you can just use basic stuff, they won't stay with you for long, but the BH will stay with you for a long time, so try to find the right parts), I was lucky enough to get a prototype Javesco Ind. improved Bulk Hauler (cargo cap 5000, fuel cap 1360), this ship stayed with me all the way to HCD2 or HCD3.

2d. once you reached HCB6, and have real cash to spare, I strongly suggest you to get a Antaris Super Colossus (cargo cap 12,500, fuel cap 1950). when you are in Heavy class B and later, the cargo size per job will get bigger and bigger, and 5000 cargo cap will not be enough anymore. SC will solve the problem for you, beside this ship also is a nice colony management vessel.

3. smart route, it's very important to select your grinding routes, the further away from government space, the better pay the jobs are. so you need to pick a route far away, also, as important, is to make sure you make a loop for that route. so you can keep moving forward, not back and forth (I personally hate fetch jobs, love drop off jobs, but you know how devs are? they like you to feel the pain so i see lots of fetch jobs), the 3rd part of this, is to group a few jobs together, try to go to the same neighborhood once and drop off all cargo in the same area.

4. common sense, this is very broad, basically include a lot of things, watch your back, since you are in an unarmed ship. watch where you go, many times, i click the wrong line, and went the other way. and always remember to check hanger, make sure you take all the cargo before you un-dock, i am not sure how many times, after i traveled half a galaxy, and found out that I forgot my cargo and have to go back.

5. be patient, grinding is very boring and hard work. if you want to be on top, you have to work for it, always one job at a time. I don't think I am the fastest grinder in the game, I can only do about 25k to 30k per hour, many players can beat me to it, but i can do it hour after hour, that, not too many people can compete with me.

this is a very condensed version of grinding tips, please let me know you comments!


Hcout - certified grinder
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Hcout Grinding guide
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