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 Stellar Aitann

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PostSubject: Stellar Aitann   Mon Jun 28, 2010 10:33 am

Information on Stellar Aitann is sketchy at best and his file contains only a small collection of discrepant items:

1. E-Note Intercepted by the Linavine Secret Service.

I found him in the Mt. Jenainie lock up, no one knows who he is. I have no idea what he did and don’t want to know, just get him out.

2. Photograph that seems to have been taken on Oribaca 1, and has nothing but the word ‘Stellar’ scrawled on the back.

3. A report card from the exclusive Pasdralian School for boys claiming that the boy tested extremely highly in navigation and math.

4. A letter from the same school explaining to a ‘Lady Aitann’ that her son had been expelled for leading a group of boys into ‘extreme danger.’

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Stellar Aitann
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