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Arya Astra
Arya Astra

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PostSubject: PVParty   Tue Jun 08, 2010 5:55 am

War is the forge of truth that tests the mettle of a society and its individuals. Conflict is the driving force that keeps humanity progressing. When we look back at the history of Nyridion, what stands out is not who had the most colonies, or who built the biggest ship, it is conflict that spells the narrative of the galaxy.

It is our belief that PvP combat is an important part of Nyridion, and we want to keep a strong focus on the development and improvement of PvP. This includes not only the tactical level, but also on the strategic level.

The preservation of the option of armed conflict as a venue for dispute resolution is dependent on the political diversity of Nyridion; one ideology cannot be allowed to dominate all others. If Nyridion culture is to continue to grow and develop, it is imperative that pilots and factions are free to pursue their destiny the best way they see fit, not be forced to conform to the rigidity of a single, monolithic culture. Down that path lies stagnation and decay.


Membership in the PvParty is open to pilots of all factions and independents alike. Even the bitterest rivals can stand together for their right to forge their name in the annals of history. Political differences are permitted, even encouraged, providing that you share in the love of glorious battle. Joining the PVParty requires posting on the official OE forums announcing your membership.

Galactic Council:

To ensure the best chances of keeping a party member in the council at all times, only one PvParty member shall run for Galactic Council per election. The PvParty’s official candidate will be selected by vote from party members in advance of the general election, with the current incumbent having the automatic right to stand for reelection without having to be selected. At the request of the party chairperson, the incumbents automatic representation as the official PvParty candidate can be waved, forcing a new primary election. Participation in the primary election requires a nomination and a second by party members.

Party Chairperson:

In two weeks from today’s date, all registered party members will vote to select a chairperson. The party chairperson shall stand until they either step down, or they are recalled. In order to be recalled, one party member must call for a vote of no confidence, which is seconded by another party member. This will trigger a recall vote, in which a simple majority can depose the standing chairperson, which will remain vacant until a new chairperson is selected. All votes for selecting and deposing a party chairperson will remain open for one week.


If at any time a party member is suspected of being a detractor or saboteur, they may be dismissed by the party chairperson. If there is currently a vote of no confidence underway, this power is temporarily suspended.
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