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 Captain Moore

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Captain Moore

Captain Moore

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Captain Moore (Commonly known as Tyler Moore) was raised by his parents in the Linavine area. His father, being a Corporal in The Galactic Armada, greatly influenced his militaristic career. His mother's side of the family is of ancient decent, of the mythological "Earth". When his father and mother died from a suprise pirate raid, Tyler vowed for revenge. He was scarred for life. He had no relatives within thousands of Light years, and was seen wandering through space stations, hich-hiking from place to place. One day he managed to steal a shuttle, and quickly started earning a living through transport jobs. Although no one knows how, he once crossed paths with Imperator Astra. She was very friendly with Tyler, and invited him to RP. Tyler, having an emotionaly unstable childhood, over reacted while the Imperator was on a trip. He was soon out of the Faction, with no where else to go. After wandering for months, he found Honour Guard. This was the first of his long term faction memberships. His inability to follow orders, soon got him kicked out as before. Infuriated, he vowed to become powerful one day and no longer take orders from the people he thought were wrong. With advice from friends, he created AIG(All is good). Tyler's lack of military discipline, greatly influemced his decision to disband AIG, and to start of over with NAA( North Atlanctic Alliance). This Faction soon failed, when stronger players humilitated Tyler by destroying his colonies, and humiliated him verbally. Yet again, Tyler's emotional issues only made matters worse. While looking for a faction, Tyler found FLEET. This was the highlight of Tyler's carreer. He earned more respect by ignoring the humilitation and following his superior's orders. Tyler established colonies and no one messed with him. He piloted an SDC, and a Bulk Hauler. His life changed when O-ren destroyed Tyler, in an act of piracy. He lost his Bulk Hauler from the attack. He wanted to report this incident to Vinegeal Dureax, but he would not respond to Tyler's calls. He thought nothing of this, and just took a few days off from work. When he wook up one day, his life changed. The news that FLEET stations were being taken over shocked him deeply. The faction that took him in when no one else did, was falling apart. Tyler soon joined CHRST, a subfaction of RP, after talking with the Imperator. Tyler was later killed by an un provoked attack by a PS member, Gogo Yubari. To this day, Tyler wonders what he will do next. Will he gather the remaining FLEET members and revive the Faction, or does his future hang with RP? Only time will tell.
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Captain Moore
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