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 Alpha Delta

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Alpha Bennett

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PostSubject: Alpha Delta   Thu May 20, 2010 6:58 pm

Alpha was brought up far in the southeast, son of a research worker and his wife on a colony. At age twelve he applied to the Academy and was accepted. Although he graduated with flying colors and left well-versed in classic combat tactics, his six years at the Academy were characterized by mysterious explosions on the far side of the planet, and his academy shuttle was in the repair shop a surprising amount of time. He proceeded to squander the next six months of his life on politics, from which he emerged far more careful and planning.

He became a leader of the Guild of the Fallen when his piloting career took off, but shortly afterward it collapsed in disarray. He then became an Outlaw and returned to the land of his birth in the southeast.

Alpha Delta [OL]
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Alpha Delta
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