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 Bruce Grobbelaar

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PostSubject: Bruce Grobbelaar   Mon Mar 01, 2010 7:09 pm

Born in Durban, South Africa, in 1957, Bruce Grobbelaar appeared to be a normal child until he hit puberty. Short thereafter his remarkable moustache skills became evident. Bruce gained national recognition after winning the Rhodesian Grand Moustache Trophy at the age of 14, a prize he won the following 8 years (during this period he served in the Rhodesian National Guard and fought in the Rhodesian Bush War (1964-1979)), after which he left the country to play football for the Vancouver Whitecaps. Bruce proved to be a talented goalkeeper and it was during this brief spell in Canada that he first showed signs of invulnerability. Although the witnesses are all of questionable moral virtue, Bruce is believed to have been locked inside a fridge for well over 2 weeks, with no access to oxygen, water or foodstuffs. Of course Bruce's abilities eventually took took him to Liverpool and it was here he gained recognition over the whole world. And of course his moustache.
Wether it was fighting in the Bush War or acting goalkeeper for Liverpool FC, he always had the most unbeatable moustache.

Having conquered war and football already, Bruce decided to conquer death in the 21st century while refusing to die to lung cancer. When his remarkable abilities became known to the outside world Bruce got subjected to a great variety of tests, he has suffered from and survived without as much as a sign of cell degeneracy: small pox, AIDS, Parkinson's disease and Cron's disease to name a few. These experiments, while brining much needed attention (and thereby funds) to medical research, was scientifically a failure, nothing new about combating these diseases was learned. In fact Bruce Grobbelaar was officially declared non-human in 2026. By this time he was considered a deity on his home planet, which needless to say meant he led a very dull life. Sick and tired of being worshipped whatever he did he realized there was one thing left to conquer, space, the final frontier. And so Bruce set his minions on constructing a glorious shuttle which would relieve him of his boredom, and teach foreign races the importance of proper moustache care.

Will the rest of the universe recognize Bruces flawlessness? Was the immortality only a fluke? Only time will tell in what is bound to be a most unusual quest for peace of mind.
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Bruce Grobbelaar
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